Britney Spears Reportedly Upset Over ‘One-Sided’ Jamie Lynn Spears Interview

Britney Spears spoke out about Jamie Lynn’s recent interview with her to promote her memoir. Things I Should have SaidThe singer isn’t happy about this. Sources close enough to the singer report that she is upset about some of her sister’s remarks regarding her alleged involvement in the conservatorship. According to a source, Britney has been deeply hurt and this isn’t helping matters. Page Six. Jamie Lynn is selling a book, but that doesn’t mean it has to be all-inclusive.

Jamie Lynn spoke with ABC News about all things said or not said in the Wednesday interview –– including her “complicated” relationship with her sister and the conservatorship a judge terminated last year after 13 years.

Another source stated that Jamie Lynn was not surprised at this reaction as it is the same reaction she has received from her family for her entire life. The trauma and unhealthy patterns of her childhood are being repeated by her family’s eye rolls and belittlement. It’s important that she speaks out about her trauma and says it loudly now.

Britney hasn’t been able to speak at all points in the last decade. However, she didn’t hold back in the past when discussing her family issues regarding her legal arrangement. Britney hasn’t had the chance to tell her story, except for her court testimony last summer,” the first source said. “Everything had been kept so quiet under the conservatorship, that’s why nobody ever heard her speak about it until recently.”

“Now that Britney has been released, Britney wanted the opportunity to share all that she’s experienced when she was ready, but Jamie Lynn beat Britney,” they continued.

Britney lamented her frustration over her family’s inability to interview her as often as they wanted about her, but she couldn’t due to her legal restrictions. She stated that her family gives interviews to any news station they like. “My family doing interviews, talking about the situation, and making me feel stupid. And I can’t even say one word. My own people tell me that I can’t speak for anyone.”



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