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Bob Saget Tearfully Remembered by John Mayer, Jeff Ross as They Retrieve His Car From LAX

Following the tragic death of Bob Saget in a heartbreaking accident, Bob Saget’s friends, musician John Mayer (comedian) and comedian Jeff Ross (comedian) found comfort in shared memories and began a journey to recover the items. Full House The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the location of star’s car. They broadcast live from Mayer’s Instagram account as they drove to pick Saget up. They got even more emotional during their reflections and spoke about their love for Saget, 65 years old. The video has been viewed more than 630,000 times as of this writing. Mindy Kaling, who commented that the admissions were “incredibly unique”, was among the many responses to the video.

As he drove to pick Saget up, Mayer spoke about Saget’s kindness to everyone he met, and how he had never seen anyone so open with their hearts. Mayer was driving and chuckling as he said, “I have never met a human being who could give such much love to so many people individually and completely.” “Everyone is so conscious of how universal Bob’s love was for people. When people apologize, the thing that keeps coming up is “I loved that guy.”

Mayer stated that Saget had “every excuse in the sun to cynical to be upset to to distrusting” because of his past events. Mayer also said that Saget’s compassion was almost a superpower.”He had every reason not to be the guy at the back of the bar bitter. [But]He laughed, he spread joy, and his protest against these things was that it was cruel. He was going to smile, spread love, be childlike, be innocent, be loving.

Ross also thought about his friend Saget, and said that Saget “really did take good care of everybody… Bob is the guy to call if you are in need of a doctor, lawyer, or a pastrami sandwich because a girl has broken your heart. Saget shared how Saget was a person who could “handle success” and help people stay on track. He also credited the comedian for giving him great advice. Bob, I’d tell you, ‘What should I do? I feel guilty. I feel guilty. He would tell me, “Do what is best for you.” He understood how to take care of himself, take care of others, and preserve his own health.

Mayer and Ross had a lot of fun chatting about Saget. Mayer also teared up several times during the drive, saying how Saget was just a special person because of his big heart. “You know how ebullient you have to be in your love of everyone in your life, and for each person he loved being told by another: He loved you so very much?’ Bob’s insistence that everyone knows how much he loves everyone holds everyone in place,” Mayer recalled. “Bob’s repeated and effusive expressions of love are the greatest gift he left people, because all we have now is the pain of his passing. We don’t have to worry too much about the accounting. The affairs are in order so that we don’t have to wonder or not to wonder how Bob felt about us.”

Ross comments on Saget’s “love of making people happy” and says that it doesn’t matter what your status is or who you are because Ross sees past all of this to make it his own. “He somehow took his TV family to make them his real family. This is rare. There’s going be something missing for quite some time.”

Mayer made a last comment about Ross and said that they were just “couple of stars” in the galaxy of Saget’s loved one. He said, “This doesn’t even begin to account the vast tapestry of stories… this guy replicated direct connect love with everybody.”

Bob is a spiritual connection for everyone. He made me smile. He made me feel at home. Bob never asked anyone for anything, except the scleroderma benefit each year. Ross said that if you have a message to share, please follow the Scleroderma Research Foundation. “If you believe in it, and if you have a few extra dollars in your pocket. It’s certainly a worthy cause. What can we say but “We love Bob.” Long live King Saget!

Saget, the star sitcom of the 1990s Full House and longtime host of America’s Funniest Home VideoSaget, 65 years old, died Sunday. Saget was found dead at Orlando’s Ritz-Carlton. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department discovered Saget’s unresponsiveness in his hotel room. He was declared dead on the spot. Although the circumstances surrounding his death are not known at this time, authorities don’t suspect foul play. He reportedly died in his sleep.

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