Bob Saget Fans Are Revisiting His Beautiful Betty White Tribute Following His Sudden Death

Many people are revisiting their tribute to Betty White, in the wake Bob Saget’s unexpected death on Sunday. Saget’s death comes on the heels of White’s and has prompted a flood of love on social media. Many felt that Saget was the best celebrity eulogies, as he wrote one for White.

White died on New Year’s Eve, a few weeks before her 100th birthday. Saget posted a picture of White on Instagram at the time and wrote a few paragraphs about how long he had known her, and the interactions that had had the most impact on him. He kept it light and joked about asking her to join him on an airplane for the “Mile High Club”. He concluded the eulogy by saying, “She always said that Allen Ludden was the love of all her life, whom she lost in 1981. If things go according to Betty’s plan- in the afterlife, they will be reunited. Although I don’t know what happens after we die, Betty may say that you will be with the love and joy of your life.

Saget died at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, Florida on Saturday. According to TMZ, Saget was found dead in his hotel room by the local sheriff after he hadn’t been heard from in a while. There were no signs of drug abuse or foul play.

Fans are dealing with the deaths of many celebrities right now. However, many are finding comfort in Saget’s tribute to White and applying it to their grief. Here’s how that conversation is shaping.


Fans commented solemnly that Saget must know the secret of what happens in death, as he mentioned about White.


Many took solace in the thought that White and Saget would reunite on another plane of existence. Many commented with jokes similar to Saget’s.


Many people considered the death of Saget, White, and other prominent celebrities to be a bad sign for 2022.


Fans commented that Saget’s post about White is poignant now that he has passed away, and that his reflections upon death are even more relevant. Many saw this as encouragement to others to communicate while they still have the chance, since life is short.

End of an Era

Fans argued that Saget and White would not be replaced as the entertainment industry and nature of celebrity continue changing.

Norm MacDonald

Saget’s post on the passing of Norm MacDonald was remembered by some fans.


Finally, some fans reflected back on how White and Saget had been formative influences on their lives in similar ways – starring in ubiquitous sitcoms that were on TV constantly when they were children. These deaths felt like the loss of close family friends.


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