Adam Sandler Fans Panic Over False Death Rumors


When a false rumor that Adam Sandler had died emerged online, fans panicked. The rumor – or perhaps intentional hoax – has been going around since at least November in various forms, but it just resurfaced and rose to prominence again. Sandler, 55, is still in good health.

Although it isn’t clear where the rumors about Sandler’s death originated, they can be traced back to a TikTok video which went viral in November. The sad clip claimed that Sandler had drowned and presented it as breaking news that some viewers believed to be true. Later, the original poster commented that it was a “sick humor,” but others continue to post the video to scare people across all platforms.

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These comments don’t seem to find the video funny at all. Many have condemned the video’s maker, the re-posters, and anyone else who spread the rumor about Sandler. The actor appears to be in good health and is posting on social media as recently as this weekend. Here’s how these rumors spread, and how Sandler’s legion of fans responded to them.


The Sandler death hoax presented in many different ways and was in some cases convincing. To reassure each other, users were forced to produce evidence to the contrary.


Fans’ outrage soon turned to outrage in many instances, directed at anyone who spread this hoax.

Just ask

Some fans skipped the research phase and went straight to the source. They tagged Sandler in the inflammatory videos and asked him directly if he was okay. These questions did not seem to be answered by Sandler.

Bob Saget

Fans were all the more thrilled that this hoax happened so quickly after Bob Saget’s death.


Many fans were shocked to learn how devastated they would be if Sandler died. They made exaggerated calls for Sandler to be kept safe as much as possible.

Jump to Conclusions

To be fair, celebrity death hoaxes are relatively easy to pull off because users often jump to conclusions whenever they see a celebrity’s name in the trending topic lists.

New Photo

Fans thought this was a bad sign for Sandler. Outlander MagazineKevin Wong published a new photo collection that featured a dark portrait of Sandler. All indications point to Sandler being healthy and still alive.


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