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The Ugliest Actors In Hollywood

Some actors don’t even need to do well to succeed on the big screen. Just a pretty face to fans of crowds jostling at the box office every new film.

But Hollywood doesn’t live by beauty … there are actors who have managed to build a career having overcome the challenge of not fit the beauty standards that the film industry imposes.

Here a short list of talented and ugly actors.

Willem Dafoe


Great American actor Willem Dafoe is a monster of acting in films. One of the most important roles him was Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin. Is it scary, isn’t it? The evil and the ugly! Willem Dafoe is one of the most talented and versatile actors of his generation, but it is also one of the ugliest that have ever gone through the big screen. The guy is so ugly that not playing the role of Jesus Christ (in The Last Temptation of Christ) gives to ease.

Clint Howard


This is Clint Howard, American actor, known for elders to have acted in the series Gentle Ben (The Bear Friend) in the 60’s. He’s weird, isn’t he?

Michael Berryman

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Michael Berryman is an American actor, known for participating in several horror films, among them, The Devil’s Rejects. Also, it is easy for him to participate in a horror movie: he, natural, it’s awful, imagine makeup!

Gerard Depardieu


Besides being one of the main French actors Gerard Depardieu is a huge guy, big nose, with tousled hair and a bit lanky manner. Not for nothing that the talented actor just acted like the Gallic Obelix in the cinema, the guy is the own Roman-beater, perfect for the role!

Danny Trejo


I want to give a tip to Hollywood producers: Danny Trejo (Machete and Bad Ass) can not convince as a romantic pair of anyone! You even believe the guy is thick-skinned and that can end the life of everyone in the beating, but we can not believe this guy can hook up some pretty woman… please right?

Marty Feldman


The actor Marty Feldman was a great comedy partner Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder during the 70’s, known for its peculiar appearance it is by far the ugliest actor who Hollywood has ever seen. With a big nose, bulging eyes and thick eyebrows, hardly anyone will be able to beat Feldman that category. Marty Feldman died in 1982, a victim of a heart attack.

Mickey Rourke

ugly-actors 4

Incredible as it may seem, he has already been one of the most beautiful actors in Hollywood. It was because of the boxing fight that he got this ugly face. The time wasn’t a great friend of Mickey Rourke. The ex-boxer and actor is more and more strange. According to his face changes, he has achieved best roles and his performance is always evolving.

Ron Perlman

ugly-actors 1

Being cast as Hellboy and the beast in Beauty and the Beast, it is a double blessing. He has great jobs. But, on the other hand, he’s acting like a beast and a red devil. It’s just a little worse than acting as the Phantom of the Opera or Darth Vader when he takes off the mask. So congratulations to Ron for having the courage to accept the roles that frighten others.

Steve Buscemi

ugly-actor 2

If have a guy who is unanimity in all the lists of ugly celebrities, this is Steve Buscemi! One of the great actors of his generation he played a key role in great films like Reservoir Dogs, Fargo and Big Fish. Yeah, there is a guy who won by the talent, because if were by the beauty…


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