Types of Crabs- The Lovable and the Monstrous

There are different kinds of crabs. Some look adorable while some look quite monstrous especially with their behavior. Check out our list of most interesting crabs in the world.

Red Rock Crab

types of crabs

It is also identified as the Sally Lightfoot crab. It comes in black or dark brown in color and can disguise fine on the volcanic island’s black lava banks. It looks attractive with its stripes or spots and bright orange or red color. It eats algae and dead animals which makes it unqualified as human food.

Yeti Crab

Yeti Crab

This crab looks feathery and so it is also known as the hoff crab. The funny thing about this crab is its combing of its own hair. Well, they do this not to look good but to indicate their hunger. Such a fascinating behavior is it not? Yeti crabs use their hair to trap and grow their foods.

Candy Crab

Candy Crab

It is just 2 cm and so it is rarely noticed. Yes, it is as small as a toffee!

The Alaskan King Crab

Alaskan King Crab

It is considered as the most enormous type of crab in the world. It is also very challenging to catch because it poses danger and there is high fatality rate for fishermen who tries to catch this kind of crab. There Alaskan king crab varies from red, blue, scarlet and golden. The red one is much loved in Japan, U.S and European restaurants for its meat. The blue king crabs has stunning royal blue highlights and their color incredibly change into bright orange red whenever they are cooked. The scarlet king crab offers the sweetest meat among the Alaskan King Crab. The golden Alaskan king crab has the least meat filling in the shell.

Dungeness Crab

Dungeness Crab

It is also known as cancer magister. It is commonly found in Dungeness, Washington. A festival for this crab and other seafood is being held annually in Port Angeles.

The Stone Crab

Stone Crab

This crab is legally harvested in Florida. Their food includes sea grass and carrion. The most interesting fact about this crab is that it loses its limbs easily when trying to escape from its killers or constricted places, but then again their limbs will just grow back.

Chinese Mitten Crab

Chinese Mitten Crab

This crab is also called Shanghai hairy crab. It is usually found in the coastal areas of eastern Asia from North Korea to the Fujian province of South China. Its body measurement is comparable to the size of a human palm.  This type of crab loves to spend most of their time in fresh water and they just go back to the sea in order to breed.

Bering Hermit Crab

Bering Hermit Crab

It is also recognized as Pagurus beringanus and the standard size for this crab is 2.5 inches. Seagulls eat them during low tide and rosy lip sculpin is one of its main predators. This type of crab has 10 legs which are greyish, brownish and greenish in color. It also has distinctive small eyes.

Tasmanian Giant Crab

Tasmanian Crab

This is the heaviest crab of all. It looks like a giant spider and an alien too!

Vampire Crab

Vampire Crab

This type of crab is born with greyish eyes but eventually change into bright red as it reaches the crab adulthood stage.

Rainbow Crab

Rainbow Crab

This is the most colorful and loveliest crab but it can hurt you with its teeth and sharp subdial posterior spines.


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