Brooke Shields Movies and TV Shows

Brooke Shields

To imagine Brooke Shields is doing 51 years is difficult for those who followed the path of the actress, who started his career in theaters, at age 15. It already passed 36 years and the owner of the blue-eyed, statuesque silhouette, and now owns a muscular body, keeps the stunning beauty who left Hollywood gaped […]

List of 2007 adventure films you shouldn’t skip!

list of 2007 adventure films

1. Bridge to Terabithia Life is going to change for both of the newly formed friends, Jess and Leslie, when they decide that they just don’t reality the way it is. They are going to make completely new world, and there is no end to the possibilities and things they can create. Together, they are […]

List of 2008 thriller films you’re going to love!

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1. Taken ( Liam Neeson stars as Bryan Mills, a retired CIA agent. When his daughter Kim goes to Paris, she accidentally reveals to a stranger in a taxi that she and her girl friend are alone in Paris. It turns out that this stranger is connected with human traffickers from Albania. Girls get kidnapped, […]

List of 2005 science fiction films – discover new horizons!

The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy 2005

1. War of the Worlds First article on our list of 2005 science fiction films is going to be about modern depiction of H. G. Wells sci-fi classic, Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning are members of the typical American family. But everything changes when some kind of otherworld creatures invade the Earth. Are father and […]