Amazing New Zealand Points of Interest

Its breathtaking landscape and welcoming people are closer than you think. Wake up in a place where every day has something new waiting for you. Meet some New Zealand points of interest.

Milford Sound

Milford Sound

Situated on the west coast of South Island, Milford Sound is a fusion of spectacular natural features with incredible visual cues at every corner. Described by Rudyard Kipling as the ‘eighth wonder of the world, “Milford Sound was carved by glaciers during the ice ages. Milford Sound is breathtaking in any season. The cliffs of the fjord emerge vertically from the dark waters, the mountain peaks scrape the heavens and the waterfalls cascading fall, some so high that reach 1000 meters. When it rains in Milford Sound, which is not uncommon, these waterfalls are multiplying in a magnificent effect.



One of the most beautiful and impressive regions of New Zealand; the power of Fiordland landscape never fails to enchant travelers. This remarkable natural environment displays stunning fjords, spectacular waterfalls, and snow-capped peaks. The ancient forest clings to the mountains; waterfalls with falls of hundreds of meters, falling in huge fjords; shimmering lakes and granite peaks exhibit the same appearance of thousands of years ago. The Maoris attributed the creation of the fjords to the giant mason Tute Rakiwhanoa who carved the steep valleys with his adzes. On all sides of the fjords, spectacular waterfalls tumble incessantly, causing large volumes of rain find their way to the sea.



Get in an underground cave and surprise yourself with thousands of fireflies lighting up your way. Beneath the green hills of Waitomo, there are labyrinths of caves, sinkholes and underground rivers. The name of the region comes from the words Maori wai (water) and tomo (hole). The caves were formed by underground streams through the soft limestone for thousands of years. Many have amazing stalactites growing from the ceiling and stalagmites rising from the floor, pointed cones of rock layers formed for centuries by dripping water. The cave walls are decorated with galaxies native fireflies. The effect is amazing, looks like you’re looking at a starry sky.

Sky Tower, SKYCITY Auckland

Sky Tower Auckland

It is here where is the iconic tower of Auckland, as well as a fantastic selection of bars, restaurants, cafes, first-class hotels and a casino- more info on online casinos. A stop at SKYCITY may not be out of your list when visiting New Zealand. Find the complex is easy, just look for the iconic Tower City (Sky Tower). The 360-degree view is amazing, you can see up to 80 kilometers of unforgettable landscapes: sea, mountains, volcanoes … The more adventurous can even walk around the tower (SkyWalk) or jump from up there (SkyJump).

Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier

The hospitable town of Franz Josef has the same name of the glacier. You can stay here while exploring this spectacular area a World Heritage Site. Franz Josef Glacier was first explored in 1865 by geologist Julius von Haast, who named it in honor of the Austrian emperor. The glacier is five kilometers from the city of the same name, and a 20-minute walk will take you to your terminal face. From the glacier parking, you can walk to the observation points to have a more panoramic view of this beautiful river ice. If you really want to have contact with the glacier, take a guided walk on ice or get there by helicopter. The scenic flight is amazing!


New Zealand points of interest.

Rotorua is a place of fascinating Māori culture, hot springs and boiling mud pools. No visit to New Zealand would be complete without stopping here. Rotorua is a natural point of concentration, full of cultural attractions. Enjoy the unique combination of region, mud pools , Maori heritage and spectacular lakes and forests.

Crystalline streams to mountain biking trails and explosive geysers, Rotorua has a bit of everything. For a dose of culture, take direction deOhinemutu, an active Maori village on the edge of Lake Rotorua to get an idea of the traditional Maori life .. To experience the geothermal and volcanic elements of Rotorua, go to Hot Water Beach on the banks of Lake Tarawera, a picturesque beach heated by geothermal elements. For some closest thing in town, take a walk around the Kuirau Park, an informal public park in the city center full of bubbly and effervescent geothermal activity.


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