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New Blood Finale Ending Explained – Everything to Know, What’s Ahead and More

[Spoilers ahead for Dexter: New Blood: “The Sins of the Father.”] The breakout sequel series was created after ten intense episodes. New Blood ended with a shocking bang Sunday — one that can be noted most literally. The Showtime series’ smash hit fans had the opportunity to stream the episode at noon ET via the Showtime app. Others are waiting for the broadcast at 9 p.m. ET on Sunday night via Showtime’s app. You don’t have to watch the epic finale starring everyone’s favorite vigilante serial killer. We’ll be going all-in on Episode 10’s “Sins of the Father” and what the show’s future holds. Also, what the stars think and what the showrunners say.

While there will be mixed feelings about the New BloodFinale, series star Michael C. Hall said the Los Angeles Times, “Some people will have predicted it, while others will be shocked by surprise,” I said earlier this week. Last warning: If you don’t want the details, stop reading. Spoilers are everywhere. (To see the entire series and the finale, click here to get a free trial to Showtime.)

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Dexter’s fate

Dexter and Harrison (Jack Alcott) feel like they have found peace. Dexter and Harrison are bonding, and Dexter feels close to Harrison. They also killed Kurt Caldwell, who Clancy Brown played. Dexter hopes to start over with Harrison after Kurt destroys their house. The excited dad tells his son that they should move from Iron Lake. But Harrison is hesitant. He has made friends in the small town and found Audrey Sequoyah, Chief Angela Bishop’s girlfriend. But as Angela (Julia Jones) investigates Dexter’s burned-down residence and suspected arson case, she finds another titanium screw (belonging to the missing Matt Caldwell) amid the rubble — one that perfectly matches the screw she received in the mail from none other than Kurt.

Angela gathers all the evidence about Dexter’s identity as Jim Lindsay and the truth about Dexter’s actions (including the note that Dexter killed Matt) and decides to arrest Dexter at her home’s kitchen while her family is having dinner. Angela distracts the children to go to the grocery store to buy some groceries for dinner. She confronts her ex-boyfriend who, after looking at the knives, second-guessing her about killing her. His father Harry (James Remar), who instilled “the Code,” always said that it was about “never being caught.” However, Sgt. Logan (Alano Miller) appears just in time to stop him. With Dexter now arrested and at the station, he is questioned and probed over the murder of Matt Caldwell as the serial numbers on the screws line up with Matt’s surgery report — something Dexter cannot deny any further. Dexter attempts to get out of it but he tells Angela how Kurt lied about being there, the cabin he showed him, and how he is now framing Matt as a payback for Kurt’s arrest for the missing woman murders. Logan tells Angela the story is plausible and will be told to a jury. Angela seems to take it easy. He senses that she isn’t telling him everything. However, she insists that she needs to confirm certain things before telling him.

Angela calls Miami PD’s Angel Batista, David Zayas, at this point and tells him about Iron Lake’s deaths. She asks about Sgt. Doakes and Batista share their stories about Maria LaGuerta who believed it was Dexter Morgan. Angela sends him an image of her and Dexter in happier days, believing he had died long ago. He tells Angela, stunned, that he is on the way and will bring all his reports with he.

Harrison, still shocked by what has happened, meets his dad at the station. Dexter assures him that he is safe and that this has nothing to do with Kurt. He is certain he will make it through, but he assures Harrison that they will be back on the road in a few more days. “We’ll get through it. Dexter, hugging his son, says “The world needs us.”

Angela continues to question Dexter. She tells him that he’s a murderer and that she has figured out Bay Harbor Butcher. Threatening to tell him she knows everything, she will arraign him for Matt’s murder. It may or may not stick. He will soon be reunited his old friend Batista. Not to mention, stand trial in Florida for the hundreds of murders and receive the death penalty — an admission that leaves Dexter visibly concerned. When Dexter asks Kurt to turn off the camera, the man reveals how Kurt, a serial killer, has been active for 25-years, kidnapping all the women missing from her wall and giving her the exact address of the creepy hatch.

Angela is sent to investigate by Dexter’s sister Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter), but Dexter becomes agitated when she learns that her brother was caught. Dexter, eager to escape and trying to come up with a plan, asks Logan to bring him water. Dexter attacks Logan when Logan brings the gun over and smashes his head into the bars of the cell doors. Logan demands the keys and then pulls his gun on Dexter. He shoots. Dexter avoids the shot, but Logan inadvertently snaps his neck. Dexter now calls his son from the cell and tells him where he should meet him.

Angela arrives at the cabin and finds all of Kurt’s “trophies,” missing women she has been searching for since the start of her policing career, including his most recent prize — Merry, F–ing, Kill podcaster Molly Park (Jamie Chung). Shocked, Angela tries to call Logan but he is not answering. She asks Teddy, a fellow officer, to help her get backup and bring the FBI to Kurt’s hatch. After Logan did not respond, Teddy asked about Logan’s whereabouts and he said he hasn’t heard from him for over an hour. She knows exactly what happened and races to the station in an effort to find Logan dead.

Harrison finally meets his dad in the woods. He asks him who is putting blood on his face, and he realizes that his father called Logan from his phone. Dexter says “there was no alternative way”, but Harrison isn’t happy with such news and is quite pissed. The teenager’s feelings resurface of anger and abandonment, as he explains how it was “only” way he could reach Harrison. Dexter then tells Harrison “I need you to be with me,” and Harrison tells Dexter that he will turn himself in. Dexter responds that he will be subject to the death penalty. Harrison replies, “Maybe it is something you deserve.”

Dexter tells Harrison he doesn’t need to go with him. But Harrison pulls out a rifle and points it at his father. Dexter blames him for the death of Rita (Julie Benz), and Aunt Deb. He then pulls out his rifle and points it directly at Harrison. “You deserve better. A better life. He called himself a better father. He cried and reminded his son that safety is on. He also acknowledged that death was the only way out of the cycle. He guides Harrison through the shot with his signature voiceover, noting that he has never felt true love or real love. Dexter now being shot by Harrison, Dexter mumbles that he “did great” as Debra holds his hand as he draws his last breath.

Angela arrives and shouts at Harrison to drop his rifle. In the fear that she will arrest Harrison, she holds out her hands and tells him to take the truck to the highway. He is hugged tightly by her, and she takes him to the road. She read Hannah’s letter from Dexter. “I want what every dad wants: for his child be happy, live and love with no fear, and to share his gifts to the world,” Dexter’s words are read as The National’s “I Should Live in Salt” plays as the outro while state troopers and FBI officers drive by. “But we know that Harrison will have a difficult life without me. This is not an easy choice. Sometimes I wish the hurricane would have taken me, freeing me from the burdens of my own desires. It showed me that I have to carry them alone. That’s my fate. Please, Harrison, if you don’t see any dark tendencies in Harrison, I beg. Let me die, so my son can live.”

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What’s Next?

Clyde Phillips confirms that Dexter Morgan is dead and will not be returning to the role, but he said it. DeadlineAfter Alcott’s Harrison raked in monster ratings of more than 7,000,000 viewers an average, he has been thinking a lot and would be open to more New BloodShowtime may want to continue. Recognizing that Showtime is a “huge resource”, he is confident that the show’s ratings will continue to climb if they do.

“Harrison is a complex character. He has the seeds of the dark passenger in him. He’s capable. He’s capable. “Harrison offers a different perspective on vigilantism than Dexter. This was quite surprising to Dexter. He has this youthful optimism and innocence that makes him and his dad seem like Robin and Batman. Consider how many lives you’re saving every time you take out one these bad guys. Dexter had no idea of that. Dexter only took out bad guys because that was his code.”

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Did Dexter Morgan really have the right to die?

Phillips spoke The Hollywood Reporter Dexter’s death at Harrison’s hands was “always the intent” of the creative team. Phillips said that Dexter’s death at the hands of Harrison was “always the intention” for the creative team. THR. “I had a very poor father and fathers and my sons were terrible.” [are]The theme of the season, and the title of the episode’s last episode, is “Sins of the Father.” Dexter finally realizes that he is a criminal. He is a serial killer. Harrison brought this kind of teenage optimism to it in his previous episode, where he said, “If we kill all of these people, think about the thousands of lives we’re saving.”

Philipps continues by saying that Dexter had never considered that because he was ensnared in Harry’s code of “don’t be caught, kill for evil” and Philipps says that Harrison, in his youthful optimism comes up with the superhero portion of that which pleases Dexter. It also shows Dexter that there is a way for Harrison to join the team.

Talk to the Los Angeles Times last week, Hall admitted that though some fans would have predicted it, a few will also be shocked by the events of Sunday night’s conclusion. “Some people will accept the outcome, while others will reject it. I think it will be difficult for people to grapple with his fate given that he is someone that they have spent a lot of time with and have a lot of affection for — at least in some cases,” he said. “The ending of the season resonates with me. It feels right. It’s upsetting, but I hope people will see the resonance of Dexter being killed by his son. Hall smiles and tells how he has heard from others that they have “moaned” about the ending. TimesIt is best to be careful of what you wish for.

New Blood airs its finale Sunday night on Showtime at 9 p.m. ET. More information about the Dexter franchise, Michael C. Hall and all things Showtime, keep it locked to for the latest.

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