1. Dragon Calf Tattoos



As calf is a big and very visible area, why not fill it with an exquisite mythical creature like a dragon. A symbol of power, strength and good luck for people who are worthy of it. Dragons are usually associated with Asia and especially China. Mainly because the dragon is the most famous Chinese symbol and it even was on a Chinese flag during the Qing dynasty.

2. Tree Calf Tattoos



Every tree is narrow at the bottom but expands to the end with its branches and leaves. Thus, calf muscle is a great position for a tree tattoo, because the calf is also narrow in the bottom and expands to the end making it an ideal place for a tattoo of this type.

3. Japanese Calf Tattoo



Japanese scenery is always a great choice for a tattoo. Since calf has a lot of smooth surface it is a great place to get a tattoo like that. Japanese tattoos are always very stylish and exotic, every traditional Japanese tattoo has a deeper meaning and usually incorporates a lot of symbols. These tattoos are unique because of their artstyle but also because of the stories they tell.

4. Polynesian Calf Tattoo



Polynesian tattoos are a very exotic and meaningful choice fro a tattoo. This tribal artstyle originates from South Pacific  and is very popular nowadays. These tattoos usually consist of many symbols composed into one picture. These symbols can refer to native people of Polynesia. Most popular Polynesian symbols are geckos, centipedes and Ti’s. Also, this artstyle uses a lot of geometric designs.

5. Writing Calf Tattoos



Some meaningful and deep writing is always a great idea for a tattoo, but in this case, it is an even better choice because of the large space for the tattoo. Whether a quote or an inspiring poem, script tattoos can have many shapes. It can cover a simple or complex message to others and most importantly to yourself. There is plenty of room on a calf so you can write whatever you want.

6. Cross Calf Tattoo



There are all sorts of crosses and all of them are worth checking out. From religious crosses to Celtic to Gothic you will have no problem finding interesting and creative designs. Cross has been used for a tattoo design for the longest time and still remains a great option for a calf tattoo.

7. Animal Calf Tattoo



Animal tattoos are great because they can be made in many different styles and represent many different things. Every animal represents something and can be used as a symbol or as inspiration.

8. Side Calf Tattoo



A side calf tattoo is different from all the other because they are usually not visible from the head-on look, they are revealed only while passing by or looking from behind. They are in a way whimsical and appealing.

9. Biomech Calf Tattoo



Biomech tattoos are a great way to show your identity and views. Part machine, part man, this type of tattoo reveals the inner human biological body makeup.

10. Religious Calf Tattoos



Your religious ascension and beliefs are always something worth showing and beeing proud of. There is an incredible range of religious tattoo designs and symbols available. Religion is a wide topic and has many interesting sides. Religious tattoos are made to show devotion and faithfulness.