The Vampire Diaries: Some Places Where It Was Filmed

where is vampire diaries filmed worced

The Vampire Diaries is an American television series of drama and suspense. Meet some of the places where the series takes place.

Mystic Falls

mystic falls- vampire

Mystic Falls is a fictional town located in the state of Virginia.

The Riot


Quoted by Vicki on Friday Night Bites is a bar where the band The Posers presented a show.

Highway 4

highway 4-vampire

Highway 4 is a road located in the vicinity of Mystic Falls. Was cited by Logan Fell in The Turning Point. He was buried behind a car dealership located on the edge of this passage.

Italy Forest


The forest is one of the places that appear in the series. The forest surrounds Mystic Falls and is close to the cemetery, Casa Salvatore, Home Lockwood, Party Hall of Founders and House Gibbons. In the past, Veritas Farm and Farm Lockwood were inside. In a forest of Italy, a witch did a spell, giving power to five vampire hunters – the first members of the Brotherhood of Five – that should find the first immortal, Silas, and make him take the cure.


connor vampire
pic: The CW

By going to war, Connor met a man belonging to the Brotherhood of the Five. The two became friends, and after the man died, the tattoos of the same were transferred to Connor.


pic: WC vampire
pic: The CW

Seattle is the most populous and most densely populated US state of Washington. It is located in King County, where is home. It is the 23rd most populous city in the country. In the third season, Klaus found a pack of werewolves there and converted all hybrid.



I-9 is a road to Mystic Falls. She was cited by Damon in “By The Light Of The Moon”. It is known that there is a little luxury motel.

Local desert


The desert location was the point of Trevor meeting with Kidnapper Elena (undefined name). The Kidnapper gave Gilbert the vampire there and then was killed by it. His body was thrown to the ground and his abandoned car in the middle of the road. Trevor left for Abandoned House in Reidsville.

Coffee Shop Mystic Falls


The Coffee Shop of Mystic Falls is a place near the Mystic Falls High School. He was quoted by Sheriff Forbes in “The Descent”. Knowing that a vampire – Rose – was released, she asked the police move the party “Timberwolves” to the cafeteria to make the safest population.

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