What To Do On a Friday Night

Ever happened to you stay all week counting the days to get to Friday and you can break free from work and yourself realized that it had nothing scheduled for that day? You can believe it happens to enough people, and tips on how to liven up a night that seemed lost abound. We separated some that promise to improve your day, check what to do on a Friday night!

Game NightGame Night


If you live alone or have liberal parents, you can call some friends who are hanging around and propose a game night, playing cards, poker, domino,  board games, it can liven up the evening’s a lot of people.

Series Marathon

Series Marathon

Take the opportunity to stay at home and finally do a marathon of TV series that you talk for years “I’ve not seen, but I will see” or series that you follow, but it is with some delayed episodes or get to see in sequence (and the tenth time) your favorite series.

Dinner with Family

Dinner with family

You know that restaurant that all your friends know and it has a very pleasant climate and delicious food? Well, it might be a good time to enjoy dinner with family.

Read a Book

read a book

Do you know that book is gathering dust on the shelf that you always leave to read next? If you do not have anything better, to read a book is always a great choice of culture and of course, fun guaranteed.

Dancing with Friends

pic: the CW
pic: the CW

If you do not want to leave home, but want to have a cool and fun evening, you can invite friends and have a party at home. Put your favorite music and enjoy.

Make Challenges with Friends

what to do on a Friday night

You can also gather friends at home and write crazy videos. Enjoy this crazy challenge to record and post on the internet.

Playing video games with friends

You can invite your nerd friends to play video game and finally overcome that mission impossible! For the nerds nothing better than spending hours and hours playing on your Xbox, PlayStation, Wii U or any other console with the assembled friends.



Now if none of the above interest you, how about staying home and Stalkear beautiful people on Instagram.

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