List of 2009 science fiction films you need to see

Now and then we need an escape from reality. Today, I have prepared a list of 2009 science fiction films that you should consider next time you find yourself in front of your TV. Enjoy!

1. Avatar

List of 2009 science fiction films

Jake Sully, a paraplegic marine, takes a trip to Pandora after his brother gets killed. At Pandora, Sully is going to find out that a native race of humanoid beings called Na’vi is endangered by Parker Selfridge, who wants to dig up the valuable material buried in their lands. Sully is going on an adventure to save Pandora, and during this process, he is going to fall in love with one of the natives, Neytiri. Pandora’s fate is going to be decided, and no one knows what’s it going to be.

2. District 9

List of 2009 science fiction films

That’s right; no good list of 2009 science fiction films should pass without aliens. An alien race simply called “The Prawns” appeared in a spaceship over South Africa, in 1982. Today, twenty-eight years later, aliens live the lives in exile, because the area populated by them is known just as “District 9”. It is completely militarized, and aliens are being used for experiments and examination. When the munitions corporation decide that one man must destroy the whole alien race, he becomes exposed to a mysterious chemical, and there is no one to save him except The Prawns.

3. Pandorum

List of 2009 science fiction films

When two astronauts wake up in a chamber, it seems like they are alone. However, as the time passes by, they are becoming more and more suspicious. Furthermore, they can’t even remember who are they, let alone what’s their mission. But while they are trying to solve mysteries surrounding them, they are going to realize that their only concern is how to stay alive.

4. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

List of 2009 science fiction films

A closer look at earlier years in the life of one of the most famous mutants Marvel has ever created – Wolverine. Find out more about his adamantium skeleton, his time with the Team X, and see how Wolverine’s past affected his life. A must-see for any true Marvel Cinemaverse fan, and a well-deserved spot on our list of 2009 science fiction films.

5. Watchmen

List of 2009 science fiction films

When superhero named Rorschach goes on a mission to find out more about his former colleagues, we’re going to see that not everything is always as it seems. The former team of superheroes gets united once again, but now they are fighting for their own lives, rather than saving other people’s. This superhero-noir movie is something that you definitely shouldn’t miss, because it is actually rare to see something like it in the modern cinemas, and because of that, it should be on today’s list of 2009 science fiction films.

6. Splice

List of 2009 science fiction films

A pair of young scientists is inventing new species by joining up different creatures’ DNA. When they reach some unexpected results that could change the course of medicine and science as we know them, their employers tell them to stop. However, these two people continue doing their research, only, this time, they are taking things to a next level: They are using human DNA.

7. Gamer

List of 2009 science fiction films

When a new form of a game develops in future, death-sentenced convicts must participate in it. Only it’s not your usual type of the game – this is mind-controlling software that they must survive to be set free. Is convict named Kable going to win against mastermind Simon, and earn his freedom? Or is it going to be “game over” for him somewhere along the way?

8. The Fourth Kind

List of 2009 science fiction films

The story of the last item on this list of 2009 science fiction films revolves around one Alaskan town that’s been known for its strange history. People just keep missing, and nothing has ever been sold for fifty years. When psychologist named Abigail Tyler starts questioning their patients, all of them are testifying that they have seen the aliens in person, and to make things even more shocking, they are all telling the same details.

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