Funny conspiracy theories you won’t believe are true

1. Michelle Obama’s penis

Funny conspiracy theories

Yeah, you read it right. It says “Michelle Obama’s penis”.

Believe it or not; there are some people out there that were so bored they managed to come somehow up with the idea that Michelle Obama is a guy. According to them, she has “man’s body” and they even put some pictures as the ultimate evidence.

This theory is so ridiculous that it simply had to be on the list of funny conspiracy theories, but when you take another look, it may not be funny after all.

People who created this nonsense are clearly the same people who just can’t cope with the fact that U.S. President could be a black person.

So when you think about it, a story about Michelle Obama’s “manliness” only mean that racism is taken to a whole new level, and that is not something that we should make fun of.

2. Space lizards controlling the Earth


Ever since humans started to think, I’m sure there have been stories about secret societies.

Even today we have some mysterious organizations and similar things. On the other hand, I’m not so sure that ever before in the human past, anyone had an idea as stupid as this one.

If their theorists are to be believed, the whole Earth is under the control of space lizards! Some of the world’s most famous people are in fact space lizards, such as Nikola Tesla, Vladimir Putin, Angelina Jolie, Mother

Theresa and many, many others. Is it possible that we are all just lunatics, and these people can see the real face of the world leaders? Hmm, let me think about it…. No.

3. The Moon is fake


Unfortunately, the Earth has been filled with morons ever since the first man stepped on our beautiful, blue planet.

Even more unfortunately, these morons aren’t afraid of giving us their piece of mind, and this time, we have a real pearl of the funny conspiracy theories – The Moon is fake, and that shiny thing we see when the night falls is only a hologram.

Although these conspiracy theorists don’t quite know what’s hidden behind the hologram, they are sure that something is out there.

Yup, I agree. “Fake Moon landing” is simply boring when compared to this crazy theory.

4. The sole purpose of yoga is Satan worshiping


Did you notice that your yoga-practicing friend is behaving a little bit unusual?

Well, if you did, don’t mention it to the inventors of the newest item on our list of stupid, crazy, but still kinda funny conspiracy theories.

According to them, yoga is Satanic practice, and the Internet is, in fact, filled with people who claim that they barely managed to escape from yoga classes with their heads on their shoulders.

Reportedly, they got their salvation by embracing Jesus. Uh-oh Christians… Busted!

5. Saddam Hussein and an alien stargate


I know, this sounds like an excellent movie/book title. Unfortunately, it is entirely real.

There are some people who think that Saddam Hussein owned a stargate, and that’s the main reason U.S. decided to attack the Iraq. Reportedly, his plan was to use this stargate in the purpose of summoning the aliens, which would then help him control the Earth.

I sometimes swear I don’t know if these people are serious or not, but this time, I sincerely hope that this is all a joke.

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