Outlaws Of The Wild West


Wild West outlaws, there are all armed to the teeth with guns and rifles, revolvers are held in low positioned holsters that are tied by the legs, violence and gun fight as normal and commonplace, classic scenes strife in saloons for fraud in the poker game or something to grow in a tackle as part of every western, shot in the back is something shameful and cowardly, typical duels two or more cowboys who are each on their side, and their goal is to quickly pull the gun and shoot at the rival on the other side of the street, gunmen are practically viewed as idols, and many, mostly young boys dream to become a famous gunfighter and outlaw American Wild West was always famous for cowboys and otlaws. The most notorious outlaws of West were considered enemies of the state, today you can hear stories about them. They are clear example of rebelliousness.
Billy the Kid


Billy is most popular old wild western outlaw, billy is mentoned in many books, songs and movies beacuse of his crazy life. He was cold-blooded killer. However his freinds telling that he was honest very brave man. He was shot kid with big blue eyes. Often he was smiling but it was just a mask, which hide his true behavior. He has very violent temper, that it is combined with exellent shooting abilities, and he was most dangerous outlaw from American Wild West.He was wearing a sombrero hat decorated with a green ribbon. He was killed by Sheriff Patrick Garrett, who is one year after his murder published a book about the life of Billy the Kid. Biography has become very popular and of Billy the Kid has created the most famous figure of the Wild West …

John Wesley Hardin


When he was young John stabbed little boy at age of 14, because the boy taunted him. After several arrests and escape trys, he found his place in Abilene, where he stayed in the American House, and he killed neighbor in the next hotel room. Then he was on break, he escaped to Texas, he was arrested and he got punish for 17 years of prison. After he served punishment he became one of the best G&S DUI Attorneys at Law: DUI Law Firm in Illinois, before he was shot dead while playing dice.

Jesse James Woodston


American outlaw and wild western robber Jesse James Woodston born on September 5, 1847 in Clay County, Missouri, near modern-day Kearney. Jesse James had an older brother Alenxandera Franklin “Frank” and younger sister Susan Laven James. The descendants of the wealthy farming families and were well educated.He was only 17 years old when he joined to one western gang. He was in deal with older brother Frank and old cousin Cole YOunger – western outlaws. Anderson taught them a lot about planning raids, carrying out reconnaissance tasks, favorable deployment of an application of horses and firearms. They are accused of participating in crimes against northern soldiers.

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