Drinking Games for Squad Goals

Affordable Drinking Games for Your group of friends

Whether it’s that certain Friday night out with friends who decided to skip the bar, or that pre-game before going all out on awaited party; there’s nothing like a drinking game that could assure your friends for one heck of a night. Even that heartbroken friend of yours would be having the time of his life and forget about who broke his heart.

Never Have I Ever


One of the best and affordable (because you only pay for the drink) games when it comes to drinking. If you think that you really know who your friends are, think again, play this game, and see for yourself. Can’t promise that it’d be better than playing darts on the dart board you brought from https://onehattrick.com/best-dart-boards/, but it sure is riveting.

The game is pretty simple, you say “Never have I ever” followed by an action that you think anyone from the group has done but you didn’t.  You can say “Never have I ever been asked out on a date” and secretly laugh at those who ridiculed you. This game would usually either end up in arguments or the whole group teaming up on one.


Most Likely


If Never Have I Ever will be the drinking game that would let you truly know who your friends are then Most Likely will let you know what your friends think of you. While drinking and playing this game, you would realize who’s basic and who’s crazy.

Basically in a group, one person will think of a scenario and everybody will point fingers on who they think is most likely. For example, “Mostly likely to have seven kids” and you point at whoever you think has that capacity.



This drinking game is the simplest one of all, but probably the fastest way to get everybody drunk. It starts with one person choosing a category and everybody has to say answer that goes under it. If anyone says a wrong answer or doesn’t give one within 5 seconds then they drink. It’s as simple as that. Categories can range from Dog Breeds to Taylor Swift’s Ex-boyfriends. The perfect categories can be what you know by heart or what most don’t know.


Riff Off


Just like in Pitch Perfect, everybody gets to sing, even if they’re tone deaf. If you haven’t watched the movie, then this drinking game is like categories but you have to sing and point at someone to continue it. It’s optional to continue on the last word or have it on the same melody, what matters is that it falls under the chosen category.

If the category is “I Dated Gigi Hadid” and someone sings a One Direction song, then that person better drink because Zayn Malik has gone solo.


Fast Questions

I personally believe that is best played when almost everyone is tipsy enough. Even if the game is pretty simple but hard to explain to first timers, it merely goes like this: one person asks another person a question without hesitation and you lose when you react to it.

No same question, no laughs, and definitely not a long time to think for a question. You got to think fast and act quickly. Questions can range from “Do you know the Muffin Man?” to “Do you think I’m pretty?” Although the controversial or sexual questions are best to ask since they easily make people stutter or be surprised.

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