The Coolest Cats In The World

The cat’s scientific name is Felis Catus. With the exception of Antarctica, the Arctic Circle and Australia, all continents there are cats similar to cats in their original fauna. Some breeds are exotic, others common. Here we see the coolest breeds that exist.

Scottish Fold

scottish fold cat

The Scottish Fold is a breed of cat with a natural dominant mutation that causes the ear cartilage has a fold, causing them to bend forward and down, causing many people describe as like an owl. The Scottish Fold became the breed’s name in 1966. They are medium-sized animals, reaching up to 13 lb. They are usually good-natured and quiet, adjusting well to other animals in the house. They tend to become very attached to their human caregivers and are, by nature, very affectionate. They can live up to 15 years and are not susceptible to many diseases.


bengal cat

You may already have seen some celebrity showing how this pet cat that looks like a small leopard. Since ancient stars of music, like Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, or Kristen Stuart, Bella of “Twilight,” many were photographed with their beloved Bengals. In addition to its well exotic appearance, the cat has an active and curious nature, who likes to be around people and is a good choice for families. The body is long and muscular with features spots. Its small head relative to the body, with clear-cut lines and rounded, and a wide nose. Its tail is slightly larger and longer when compared to other cat breeds. The Bengal also known as Bengali or Bengal cat is a breed was created by crossing a domestic cat with a female Asian leopard. So much so that the name of the breed comes from the scientific name leopard, Prionailurus benga lenses.


maine coon cat

It’s too big and heavy. The male can weigh from 22 to 28 lb or more when castrated. The legs and body are long. The ears are larger than those of an Angora, but without being disproportionate to the head. The eyes are large and slightly inclined towards the muzzle, which gives it a more savage air. It does not have a flat face and a flat nose like the Persian, but it has such elongated profile. It is very active and loves to play. It is very faithful companion and, like the shadow of their owners inside.


munchkin cat

Very rare, the Munchkin cat is the product of a genetic mutation that defines your look with extremely short legs and long back. His coat is medium length and the color can be varied, with no proper settings. You can count on characteristics of other races, such as the Devon Rex, and is prone to serious problems of a sunken backbone and chest (depending on their genetic deformity).

Japanese Bobtail

bobtail-japones- cat

This is a very smart and dear kitten, who is the favorite of many people due of its short tail. The Japanese Bobtail has a very quiet temperament is faithful, friendly, curious, sociable and above all affectionate. Usually, it adapts very easily to various circumstances. It has a sung meowing and likes to talk to their owners. So much so that oriental legends say that the cat of this breed would be a man turned into animals that talk with people.

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