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Dog Breeds That Make The Best Housepets

Boston Terrier

These compact, friendly, easygoing dogs make the perfect house pet. Bred to adapt to city life, they need just a moderate amount of exercise (a walk or two a day) and are easily trained. Since they are small, they don’t need much space to thrive. Nicknamed “the American Gentleman,” these dogs are gentle and want nothing more than to spend their life by their owner’s side.

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The chihuahua is a toy dog, perfect as a house pet due to their small stature and low exercise needs. Though they like walks and need some exercise, they are much happier sitting on their owner’s lap all day. Originally bred in Mexico, they prefer to stay indoors where it is warm. They do especially well in apartments. You can contact the experts from Dog Works / board and train your dog in Lehi to make sure your dog is fit and healthy.

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These small hounds are low maintenance and require a moderate amount of exercise. They do well in almost any environment, as they are adaptable and easy to please. They are clever and easily trained and do well with children.

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These little dogs are regal in manner and like ruling the roost. They are not very active, just needing one or two walks a day. They are extremely loyal, bonding quickly with their owners. These dogs were bred in China to live in palaces, so they are designed to enjoy indoor living, making them a good choice for apartments. Pekingese tolerate children, but fit better in families without them.



Because these dogs are small, they don’t need much exercise, but they do need a lot of affection from their owners. They are outgoing, making them a good choice for families with children. They adapt well to apartments, sometimes only needing a couple laps around the living space to get their exercise for the day.

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Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are another breed bred to live in palaces, so they adjust well to living in an apartment or house with a small backyard. They are lively and enjoy sitting in their owner’s lap. Because of their playful spirit, they can be difficult to train, but they respond well to praise. Slowly working with them and providing positive reinforcement will make the Shih Tzu a perfect household companion.

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These dogs are smart, easily trained, and affectionate, making them a great choice as a house pet. They need occasional exercise and adapt well to city life. They like being the center of attention and require lots of affection from their owners. They make perfect watchdogs, keeping their eyes on anything untoward with minimal barking.  

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These dogs are the perfect size for an apartment or small home. They are playful and mischievous, and love running around indoors. Sometimes they need a walk outside, but most of their exercise needs can be met inside. They like being around children, as long as the play doesn’t get too rough. They are best trained with food or “clickers,” as they can be somewhat difficult to housetrain. 

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