Five Famous Mobsters And Their Exploits

Lucky Luciano 1926

Al Capone Probably the most well-known mobster in America, Al Capone was born in 1899. He quit school after sixth grade to become part of a gang led by Johnny Torrio. These two partners in crime eventually moved to Chicago and joined the mob, with Capone becoming the mob boss in 1925 after Torrio was […]

10 Gangsters And Their Nicknames


1. Tommy “The Butcher” Pitera (Source) Tommy Pitera is a former hitman for the Bonanno family. He was a martial arts enthusiast who learned from the masters in Japan. In 1975, he returned to the States and got a name „Tommy Karate“. This man confused the line between contract and serial murder. For his every […]

The Gangsters With The Coolest Names In History

cool gangster names

Frank Costello Frank Costello, known as The Prime Minister, was an Italian-American gangster who rose to the highest positions in the world of crime, controlled a vast gambling empire in the United States and had a political influence like no other head of La Cosa Nostra. Frank was considered the mobster who managed more prestige […]