Funny actors to make your day colorful

Jim Carrey We’re going to start our list of funny actors with my personal favorite – Jim Carrey. This guy made me laugh more than anyone else in my entire life. I really don’t know which one of his performances I like more, he can do it all. From his role as a dad who […]

Is this a bird? Meet strangest birds in the world!

Birds are interesting creatures, but there are some species that are known for their unusual and unique look.Birds are the only animals that have feathers, they have rounded bodies and strong chest muscles that help bird to run the wings during the flight. Birds have hollow bones because the weight of their bodies during the […]

6 Cool Flags Around The World

1.Isle of Man Isle of Man is a small island in the Irish Sea. But no matter how small they were, they could never be small enough to not have the coolest flag in that area. Seriously, just look at those three legs, what’s up with that? While no one knows for sure what’s the […]

The Most Funniest Actors of All Time

Charlie Chaplin

Actors turn the wheel of events alive on the screen. Some actors are action heroes where some others act funny roles to make us laugh on their acting. Funny acting is a subjective thing. A funny act is a challenging role where an actor has to do versatile stuffs to make his audience laugh on […]