Hottest Football Players

In the football world with so many talented athletes and so many media around them, the spotlight is not only on their talent but on their looks too. We can admit that we all love to watch good looking guys in uniforms on the field. Nowadays a good portion of the male professional football players […]

Movies About Drug Addiction – Learn from these stories

Today you will read about movies with some capturing stories about addiction and therapy that will not leave you indifferent. Stories that are full with mysteries and a lot of question marks. There is definitely a lot to learn from these unique stories. Less than zero Less than zero is a drama movie about drug […]

Scientology Crazy Beliefs – Do you know that?

Scientology is a system of faith and belief that was created by L. Ron Hubbard, an author of science fiction in 1954, that later was faced with psychiatric treatments. This so called “religion” is presented mostly in America, Australia, and South Africa. It’s almost like a religion full with many controversy and antagonism and in […]

How Many Seasons of Vampire Diaries are There

The vampire diaries is a supernatural and fantasy tv show that first aired on September 10, 2009. The seventh season premiered on January 11, 2015, and on April, 6th, 2016 when the series has been renewed for an eight season. This is a supernatural drama with vampires, werewolfs, witches, originals, ghosts, doppelgngers, hybrids and travellers. […]

Ugliest Celebrities – Ugly Famous People

Beauty represents a combination of qualities of a person’s appearance and physical attractiveness that pleases the sight. Hollywood is full of attractive and beautiful people that at the same time are famous and at the top of their careers. But let’s talk about the non-attractive ones. The ones that are portrayed as ugly, but at […]

What Are The Masons

The Masons, who refer to themselves as Freemasons are a group of men or some kind of fraternity who have strong beliefs and principles. Each member must have respect, tolerance and kindness inside and outside of the group, must have high ambitions and morals in their personal life, and must be philanthropic and humanitarian towards […]

What is Sweden Known For

What is Sweden Known For

Situated in Northern Europe, Sweden is a Scandinavian country that borders with Norway, Finland and Denmark. It’s the third largest country in the European Union and the fifty-fifth in the world with population of over 9.8 million at 450,295 square km. The capital and also the largest city in Sweden is Stockholm. The climate is […]

Funny conspiracy theories you won’t believe are true

1. Michelle Obama’s penis Yeah, you read it right. It says “Michelle Obama’s penis”. Believe it or not; there are some people out there that were so bored they managed to come somehow up with the idea that Michelle Obama is a guy. According to them, she has “man’s body” and they even put some […]

Women Country Singers You Should Know

We are talking about a kind of music which is by far one of the most popular in North American lands, whose greatest representatives even sell more records than pop medallions like Beyonce and Justin Timberlake and that also influences from rockers the divas. The country music has its own reward, its own TV channel, […]

Weird diseases you’d never want to have

1. Progeria Progeria is a disease which can be caused by only one very small defect in a child’s genetic code. It’s symptoms are more than disgusting – children suffer from the state of fast developing, causing them to die before they have even reached 13 or 14 years. Their bodies suffer strongly from this […]

Cool weapons you absolutely must hear about

1. Madu Madu was not considered to be a weapon, and the main reason for the invention of Madu was that fakirs were not allowed to carry any weapons, so they had to be very creative if they wanted to be protected. Today, the style of fighting by madu is called maan kombu (deer horns). […]

Fun Careers You Never Considered

What do you consider as a fun job? The answers can be very different according to the person’s profile and its relationship with the labor market, but which they have in common is that usually a fun job is associated with low pay and even a lower level of importance. It is the professional life […]