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Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli’s Relationship Through the Years

While Lori Loughlin, an actress, and Mossimo Giannulli, a fashion designer, have been in the public eye for many decades now. However their reputations have changed tremendously. Fans are curious about Loughlin, Giannulli and everything in between. Here’s a list of everything we know so far about their relationship throughout the years.

Giannulli, and Loughlin were the two most prominent names on the arrest lists in the 2019 college admissions corruption scandal known as “Operation Varsity Blues.” They were arrested together with at least 51 others in a case the FBI had been building for years. Loughlin’s recognition from TV shows like “The Simpsons” is proof of his identity. Full House hadn’t been enough to put them in the spotlight, the couple also stood out because they were some of the only defendants to plead not guilty — at least at first.

Loughlin is most well-known for her role in Aunt Becky. Full HouseAnd, more recently, Fuller HouseNetflix. The actress has played many other roles, some of them iconic and memorable. Giannulli was a fashion designer who helped to create Target’s iconic brand.

Loughlin, Giannulli and their two daughters were born in the midst of all the success. They sent both of their daughters to the University of Southern California with suspicious scholarships. At the end of 2020, the parents changed their pleas to guilty and spent some time in prison. Loughlin is accused with hiring William Singer, an admissions consultant at a college, to pay bribes and get their kids in. Giannulli is also charged.

According to federal prosecutors, Loughlin and Giannulli paid half a million dollars — one of the biggest single sums in the case — to get their daughters admitted into the university as crew team members. Their daughters did not participate in the sport while they were at school.

Loughlin was emotionally affected by the case. Many sympathize with her for doing everything she could to help her children. Others are horrified at the idea of such a blatant misuse of power and influence at other students’ expense. Here’s a look into the scandalous parents.


Loughlin married Giannulli in November 1997. Loughlin explained this to me. Entertainment Tonight In a 2018 interview they mentioned that it was just two weeks before Thanksgiving and that they decided to surprise their friends and families.

She said that Moss’ best friend and a minister met us and we got married at dawn. After that, we went to Thanksgiving dinner and told everyone.” “We had been talking about a wedding and we just decided to do it.

Loughlin had been previously married to Michael Burns between 1989 and 1996.


The couple had their first child less than a year later. Bella Giannulli, a girl born Sept. 16, 1998, was the birth of their first child. The couple’s elder daughter was the first to go off to the University of Southern California — on the strength of her parents’ bribe, they later admitted.


Mossimo and Target

(Photo: Donato Sardella / Getty)

Loughlin & Giannulli had a great time raising their family. Mossimo, Giannulli’s business, was established in 1986. He went public in 1996 with an initial public offer, but quickly found himself adapting to changing markets.

Target was the first Target partner of Mossimo in 2000. Giannulli signed an important multi-product licencing deal worth $27.8 millions. Iconix Brand Group acquired the company in 2006. Target stores still sell Mossimo products.


Loughlin’s Ongoing Television Work

(Photo: Youtube)

Loughlin’s TV success continued, however. Full HouseThe series ended in 1995. The actress continued to appear on many TV movies and feature films. She was able to continue her runs on shows such as SummerlAnd, 90210 andIn Case of Emergency.

Loughlin began to work more frequently with the Hallmark Channel in the years prior to the scandal involving college admission bribery. Loughlin starred in 17 Hallmark TV movies and the TV series. When the Heart Calls. During the reboot of Netflix, she reprised her role in Aunt Becky. Full House2016.

Loughlin was fired in the wake of the scandal Fuller HouseLifetime has stopped production of her projects.

Married Life

Loughlin, Giannulli and their personal lives have always seemed deeply in love. In her Entertainment TonightInterview, Loughlin gushed over her husband, showing how they are still going strong twenty years later.

She said, “He’s my guy. He’s my person.” “It’s communicating, listening, picking your battles. It’s flexibility, it’s all that.



(Photo: Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Giannulli was taken into custody on March 12, 2019, along with dozens of wealthy parents across the country. Giannulli was found at home by federal agents and he didn’t resist being taken into custody.

Loughlin was filming in Canada for a project for Hallmark Channel. She flew home after hearing about the arrest and deleted all her social media profiles. She was arrested in Los Angeles and surrendered to federal authorities.

Initial Plea


According to a report from, Loughlin was offered a favorable plea bargain that could have landed them as little at two years imprisonment if they accepted. TMZ The charges were not filed at the time. However, Loughlin was later charged with money laundering as the proceedings progressed. This could have dramatically increased her sentence to as high as 20 years in prison.

After their arrests, Loughlin as well as Giannulli stopped speaking to the media. Both pleaded guilty to the first charges. They lost their most important business connections almost immediately, including Loughlin’s work with Hallmark Channel and an advertisement deal with Hewlett-Packard.



Loughlin and Olivia Jade were also fired from an advertisement campaign with Hewlett-Packard. Giannulli, Loughlin, and Giannulli were widely condemned for not pleading guilty. Many pundits didn’t believe them. The case became a national spotlight on topics like income inequality, systemic privilege, and other issues.

The couple’s daughters were also mocked, condemned, and Olivia Jade was forced to take a long hiatus on social media. However, both girls were allowed at USC. According to a report from CNBCA spokesperson for the university said that an investigation was conducted into their culpability in relation to the scandal, and they were apparently cleared of any wrongdoing.

Change of Heart


Loughlin changed her plea to guilty from not guilty to one charge of conspiracy to conduct wire and mail fraud, May 22, 2020. Giannulli, who had previously pleaded not guilty to the charges of conspiracy and wire and postal fraud, retracted them. Both received their sentences on August 21, 2020. Loughlin spent two months in FCI Dublin in Northern California from Oct. 30, to Dec. 28, 2020. Giannulli was sentenced for five months in prison. However, he served his time from Nov. 19, 2021 to April 2, 2021. He was released from prison and returned to his home.

Giannulli is still on supervised release through April 2023, despite having paid heavy fines for their crimes. Both had the specifications of their prison sentences altered slightly due to the COVID-19 pandemic — spending more time in isolation and with less availability of visitation hours.



Loughlin, Giannulli and others seem to be doing well in their personal lives after their release from prison. After their release, they took a much-publicized trip together to Mexico in June. It was a trip that they seem to have enjoyed. Olivia Jade, who also spoke out in their defense, claimed that the public didn’t understand the scandal.

Return to Work


Giannulli is not yet back in the public eye. However, Loughlin was seen on screen last year. The actress has joined the cast of GAC Family Network drama series. When Hope Calls — a spinoff of her old show When the Heart Calls. She was seen in the premiere of the two-part season on Dec. 18, and will likely be appearing in more episodes in the future.

Olivia Jade was back in the spotlight, and it was even better. She participated in Dancing With the Stars She spoke out about the scandal in the fall 2021, cracking jokes and sharing her thoughts. Viewers were divided on whether she was being too flippant.

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