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Britney Spears Celebrates Her ‘Free Woman Energy’ With Series of Nude Photos


Britney Spears is feeling free as ever! Spears, the pop music icon, tested the limits of Instagram’s standards by sharing two naked photos of herself on Thursday. Spears, 40, is still celebrating her 13-year conservatorship ending and her ability to make her own decisions. The conservatorship was created in 2008 and ended in November 2021 with a court hearing.

Spears wrote, “Freewoman energies have never felt better,” Wednesday alongside two mirror selfies. Spears wore white stockings in both of these photos. Spears added flower and heart emojis to cover her exposed body. Instagram would have taken the picture down. She locked the post to prevent people from commenting, but more than 1.3 million people liked it within three hours.

Spears posted another video of her wearing a pink two-piece bathing costume a few minutes later. “This is my first high-waisted bathing suit ever… my fiancé likes it, but I’m not sure… She wrote that it was amazing because you can adjust the height and low. The video to Bad Bunny’s “Dakiti” by Jhay Cortez. She also kept her comment section locked.

‘Freewoman energy’

The fiancé Spears referred to in the second post is Sam Asghari, her boyfriend since 2016. As her battle to end the conservatorship was nearing its end, Spears and Asghari announced their engagement in September 2021. Roman Malayev, founder and CEO of Forever Diamonds, designed Asghari a ring. Brandon Cohen, Asghari’s manager, stated that the couple had made their long-standing marriage official today and were deeply touched by all of the support, dedication, love, and love expressed to them. PEOPLESeptember

Her ‘first high-waisted bathing costume… ever.’

Before she published her nude post, Spears posted a video from a Los Angeles restaurant that she visited Wednesday night. In a caption, she gushed about her experience, even mentioning mistaking Julia Roberts for a stranger. She wrote, “I will say that it was one the most magical experiences in my life and it will never be forgotten.”

“Yes, I read the comments.”

Spears might have stopped allowing fans comment on her posts because she still receives negative remarks from trolls. She apologized for her indulgence on Wednesday but reminded everyone that she’s not been able to do the things that she loves for 13 year. Some comments she had seen on her past posts were “absolutely hatredful.”

Spears wrote Wednesday, “I mean that I had my first glass red wine last weekend.” “I’ve waited thirteen years… That’s enough! The sarcasm of meme me… my family taught us well by their actions… be selfish and love yourself… continue!! In a world that gives us all the right to speak, drive, buy alcohol, party… Have cash! I am sorry for dancing slower and allowing myself to be intoxicated in front of the masses. I don’t know what I was thinking. Nobody’s perfect!!! Pss… Yes, I did read the comments. People are absolutely hateful.”

“Be careful 2022 does not come and bite us all.”

Jamie Lynn Spears, Spears’ younger sister, has been the subject of hateful comments since Spears publicly criticized her during last year’s conservatorship battle in court. Jamie Lynn recently posted that she is used o the hate, but that a recent comment about her daughter was too much. Jamie Lynn wrote, reports: “You mate me not love me, that’s fine. But this shouldn’t even be tolerated under any circumstances less about innocent underage kids.” BuzzFeed.

“One of the most memorable experiences of my entire life”

Spears also unfollowed the sister. Jamie Lynn made reference to the roller-coaster 2021 during her post on New Years Eve. “Dear 2021… You did your damnest… bless your heart.” she wrote. “Hoping that 2022 brings you healing, love, peace and happiness. We wish everyone a safe, happy, and prosperous New Year.”


Selfie of ‘Rose’

Jan. 3 saw Spears respond with her own post on the end of 2021. It featured a black-and-white photo of a little girl giving her middle finger. Let’s see what we say about our years… 2021 tried its best… God bless its heart She wrote. “Why no… it’s more like be careful 2022 doesn’t show up and bite us all in the a— and leave saying bless your hearts!!!!! “Be safe, healthy, and kind my friends… the world needs it!”

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