Fear of Insects? Well, this will give you hell

1. Mosquito


There are about 3,500 species of mosquitoes already described in all parts of the world. It is consider as one of the most rapidly growing population of insects in the world. They are known vectors of many diseases. According to World Health Organization, 725,000 annual deaths are caused by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can transmit diseases to its host when they bit them and suck their blood. One of the most dangerous species of mosquitoes is the Anopheles mosquito. It is a known carrier of Malaria. The rapid increase in mosquito populations has caused deadly plagues all over the countries. Malaria, Yellow fever, filariasis and encephalitis are only some of the known plagues ever recorded in history. So if you’re stepping out into your verdurous backyard, you better make sure you have the best natural mosquito repellent for yard, because otherwise, you definitely won’t have a good time.

2. TseTse fly

tse tse

TseTse fly is a carrier of the sleeping sickness, one of the most deadly transmitted diseases in the world. African trypanosomiasis, commonly known by the name Sleeping sickness, is an infectious disease that is transmitted through bites of this fly. There are two stages of this disorder in which the second is the most fatal. The second stage includes muscle weakness, limb paralysis, and other symptoms resulted from the attack of central nervous system.  TseTse flies are widely distributed in Africa. They have caused almost 300,000 annual deaths in Africa alone.

3. Kissing bugs

Eventually, this is not the most lovable creature on earth. Kissing bugs also known as Triatomine bugs are carriers of the Chagas disease. They can be found under rocks and wood debris, in animal burrows, and in animal cages especially chicken coops. Its main distribution includes most of the southern part of the U.S. There are eleven species of this bug. Chagas disease attacks the central nervous system of the infected individual. Over 7 million people worldwide are infected with this type of disease. Its transmission is not just by the bites of this bug but also through transfusion of blood from infected ones. If not treated immediately, this disease can be fatal and might result to death.

kissing bugs

4. Bullet ants

True to its name, the bites of these ants can be really painful. Some describe it as similar to being hit by an air soft bullet without a vest. Bullet ant is only some of the insects recognized by the zoologists around the world as one of the most dangerous insect in earth. These ants can only be found in the Central America.

bullet ants

5. Killer bees

This hybrid of the Western Honey Bee species was first introduced around 1950s in Brazil. Its main purpose is to enhance the production of honey and increase its annual production. An accidental escape of a swarm of killer bees allowed them to spread throughout the world. Killer bees are highly defensive by nature. When facing a threat, its whole colony will attack the potential enemy, humans for example. Sting of a killer bee can cause inflammations, headaches, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and weakness. Multiple stings can cause death to humans and animals.

Killer bees

6. Locusts

Considered as one of the most dangerous insects on Earth, locusts possess no direct harmful threats to humans rather they are pests to agricultural farms. One of the most famous attacks of locusts is the plague of locusts in 1915 to the areas of the Ottoman Empire and of the Israel. Pesticides can prevent their rapid increase in population.


7. Fleas

Fleas are not just annoying insects but are also deadly. Fleas are known carriers of parasite which can cause fatal diseases like typhus to humans and fever to animals. Fleas are also responsible for the spread of the Bubonic plague which caused the death of over 200 million individuals during the “Black Death” epidemic. Bubonic plague is also known to be transmitted though bites of infected rats.


8. Fire ants

Its name refers to the burning feeling they leave when they sting. Widely distributed around the world, large population of fire ants has been devastating to many. Their stings are so painful that multiple of it can be fatal which may lead to death. They tend to attack as colony to anyone who possesses potential threat to them as a defensive mechanism. When stung by fire ants, immediately immerse the part to ice cold water to prevent further swelling.

fire ants

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