6 Cool Flags Around The World

1.Isle of Man


Isle of Man is a small island in the Irish Sea. But no matter how small they were, they could never be small enough to not have the coolest flag in that area. Seriously, just look at those three legs, what’s up with that? While no one knows for sure what’s the history of this symbol, most people agree that it should symbolize “Three legs of Mann”, and it’s co-related to their motto, which roughly translates as “Whichever way you throw it, it will stand”. You could get your own flag as you read what is explained on this page.

2.Kingdom of Hungary (1867 – 1918)

Kingdom of Hungary (1867 - 1918)

Boy, Hungarians must love angels and Bible and… you know, holy stuff. There is no other reason why they decided to put two beautifully stylized angels on the each side of their coat of arms, which was religious enough anyway. You see, that double cross on the right side was given to Hungarians by the pope, and it should symbolize the apostolic origins of Hungary, together with the holy crown.

3.Republic of Formosa (1895)

Republic of Formosa (1895)

It is true that Republic of Formosa has existed only for five months, but their flag was one to remember. How did they come up with this cute yellow tiger? Nobody knows for sure, but it seems like Republicans have adopted this flag, together with new kind of money and postage stamps, in order to accomplish international recognition. Anyway, whole world should thank them for that, because if they didn’t, we wouldn’t know just how creative their designers were.


Veneto flag

Veneto is a region in Italy, and I’m sure that you heard of their capital, Venice. On the other hand, I’m not so sure that you knew how their flag looked like. Yup, it’s true. these people are cool enough to put The Lion of Saint Mark on their flag, and there is nothing you can do about it. This may as well be one of the mightiest flags. I mean come on, who can beat winged lion holding a gospel? And by the way, this gospel reads “Peace to you Mark, my evangelist”.

5.French Sudan (1956 – 1959)

French Sudan (1956 - 1959) flag

French Sudan has existed for 80 years, and nowadays they are better know as independent state of Mali. but they have been rolling this flag only for 3 years total. It wouldn’t be weird if they put anything else on the French colors, but what is that black figure exactly? Apparently, this stick figure is called “kanaga”. Kanagas represent human effigy tribal figures, and they came with the Dogon people of Mali.

6.Mari El Republic

Mari El Republic flag

Mari El Republic is a territory in Russia. It’s pretty cold out there, and they might be prone to some civil wars from time to time, but regardless of that, people from Mari El shouldn’t be afraid of anyone or anything. In fact, I think that nobody could even dare to attack them. I mean, do you really want to attack the territory which featured armed red bear on their flag? Screw you, Saint Mark’s Lion. Officially, from now on, this one of the coolest flags I have ever seen in my life.

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